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  • the digital age career

    The 1-job career, that was the norm in the post-industrialization years, is gone. In the digital and social media and cyber-currency era, what does a career look like? Multi-segment, many projects, different employment modes, share economy, tenure based, band-aided and duct-taped into a long sustainable career. The digital age career tools are certification, test-for-skills, self-learning. These micro tools are relevant and appropriate to short term projects and IT related work; as formal education and academic qualification are to a law or medical career.


    Here are 4 initiatives, that we take, to link jobs and extend careers.

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    the project based career

    Certain jobs favor tenure and project based employment modes. This alternative mode, ( vs full time direct hire ), have been useful to those who recognized its value, and accepted its weaknesses.


    We have, almost year round, a number of contract opportunities. Apply for them here.

    Interning | Senior Interning

    earn the job, show your stuff

    If you are fresh out of college, this is a good place to start, especially when the economy is sitting south. Or when you are courting a career shift.

    Employers who are reluctant to take on the inexperienced, might accept interns who are willing to share their risk.


    Apply for internship here.

    Business Partnering

    leverage your network of contacts

    If you find that your big value to the employer is NOT your technical skills, but your wealth of contacts. this might be your ticket to a long and meaningful career.


    Apply to be a business partner here.


    the touch is the new bot

    This is a long term career option, especially for the technology-savvy or the industry experienced.


    Apply to be a recruiter here.

  • fast-track

    If you have the right qualifications and certifications, take this fast-track to an assessment

    Are you a Software Developer?

    Are you a Project Manager?

    Are you a Business Analyst?

    Are you a Nurse?

    Are you a Support Engineer?

    Are you a IT Security Engineer?

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    What can you do?

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